Development Status

Current Status on the Core Technology of the "Sky Canvas Project"

Our key to success is the technology to deploy the source with accurate speed and direction to create a shooting star at designated location. Its key features will be the (discharge and feeding) device and the source particle which becomes the shooting star.

Dischage and Feeding Devices

The Source Particle

The Goal

Dischage the source particle with accurate speed and direction, creating a shooting star at designated location.

Create a particle which will burn, upon entering the atmosphere, at brightness visible to the naked eye from the ground.

Current Progress and Challenges

Vacuum Chamber Experient (Sep. 1-2, 2014)
Completed a prototype for the feeding device
Testing in progress using the prototype

Completed four luminescense testings
(Dec. 20-25, 2013 / Aug.25 - Sep.05, 2014 / Dec15 - 19, 2014/ Aug.17 - 28, 2015)
Recorded apparent brightness of -0.86. Further research on testing conditions in progress.
Currently testing for shapes to improve production and discharge.

Future Development Schedule

Zero gravity test (April 2015 or later)
Operation test on prototype #2
Vibration test, vacuum test, zero gravity test
Development and operation check on a feeding device
Vibration test, vacuum test, zero gravity test

Luminescence test #5
Summer 2016
Confirmation on luminescence conditions
Testing new shapes and sizes for brighter luminescence
Planning and simulation for atmospheric resistance