ALE Co., Ltd.

Our Vision

SWING BY (Working Together to Fly Further)

In aerospace engineering, there is a term called swing-by. This term refers to the method in which a spacecraft such as a satellite changes the speed and the path using gravities of planets or other astronomical objects. By utilizing swing-by, satellites can go further and faster than their specifications would suggest.

I am a big fan of this concept, because it is fundamentally the same as meeting people.
By increasing the project’s appeal (gravity), more people will gather and work together to overcome their newfound challenge. Together, we will explore the possibilities of the aerospace industry and increase its value to society.
We hope to repeatedly swing-by and build a company that can fly further and achieve increasingly greater goals.

Lena Okajima

To Become an Entertainment Company Utilizing Outer Space

We will provide a new kind of magical experiences throughout the world by creating shooting stars in the night sky

In addition to the shooting star project, we will explore more new age entertainment utilizing outer space. We will research technologies necessary to expand our business, developing and applying useful new technologies.

By conducting experiements with a group of satellites and our independently developed source particle (shooting star's source) discharging system, we will contribute to the advancement of scientific research.

We will explore a new visual information transmission system that can be used in emergencies by utilizing our ability to shape groups of shooting stars .

By contributing to the development of an entirely new service for removal of space waste (decommissioned satellites, miscellaneous parts in outer space), we will help improve the environmental health of outer space.