Chief Marketing Officer Ohtsuki Nobuhiko

Ohtsuki Nobuhiko
IT Staff for several members of the House of Representatives

Master's Degree, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University

GREE, Inc. (Management and operations for launch of Advertising Department; in charge of Media Contents)

Founder and CEO of ARCO, Inc.

Joined Sky Canvas Project

I wanted to be an astronaut when I was young. Watching the television, I was mesmerized by the huge rockets and charmed by the proud yet calm expressions of the astronauts. The people that developed space technology while overcoming disasters in order to chase dreams and stretch human capabilities were truly heroic.

Before I knew it, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. After my father found out about my aspirations, he gradually let me visit space facilities and museums in the United States. To this day, those experiences are engraved in my mind.

After I joined this project, I have been granted the opportunity to visit the same facilities within Japan and abroad that I had visited with my father. The most memorable was seeing Space Shuttle Endeavor in Los Angeles, which had completed 25 missions in space. Visitors around me were looking at the huge spacecraft in awe. This project has rekindled my admirations and excitement that I had felt as a child toward the unknown that is space.

Sky Canvas is a project that provides a light show of shooting stars in the night sky to anyone within a 100 km (62 mile) radius. It can be described as a gift from space that utilizes the latest technology. I hope to provide a sparkling night sky to as many people in the world as possible while pushing for environmental protection and promoting safety.

I believe humans will continue to dream about developing space technology for the foreseeable future. I wish that many people will fulfill their dreams and aspirations about space in the form of shooting stars in the night sky by participating in this project.